07 April 2011

Boston Hot Pink Party

In my philanthropic endeavors, supporting research for breast cancer is high on my list.  I've posted on numerous occasions about my dear friend Elisha who is a breast cancer survivor thanks to life saving cancer research.  One of the most well run organizations out there is the Breast Cancer Research Foundation which donates over 90 cents on every dollar to breast cancer research.  To date the BCRF has raised over $300 million, of which over $31 million has been directed to New England medical institutions. 

This year the BCRF is having its Boston Hot Pink Party on May 17 at the Museum of Fine Arts with dinner prepared by some of Boston's most fabulous chefs (Ming Tsai, Michael Schlow and Daniel Bruce).  If you have the means, I highly recommend attending this event.  Even if you cannot attend the event, the BCRF is an organization worthy of your funds budgeted for charity.  Tickets and donations can be made here.



  1. Thanks for your comment! Having a friend diagnosed with cancer spurs you to get involved. By the way, love your blog.

  2. Seriously a good place to donate. I have seen the money at work on the other side through grants at Dana Farber. Excellent post Lissy!