24 April 2011

Easter Weekend

I had such a lovely weekend especially since I had Friday off of work.  My Friday started off very early catching a train to NYC to spend the weekend with my sister.  While waiting for the train to NYC, a woman came up to me to tell me her sob story of a daughter in the hospital with third degree burns and  needing money to buy some frozen Banquet dinners for her family.  I never know if I’m being told the truth or if I’m being fed a line but I gave her a dollar anyway.  What can I say;  I’m a sucker.  Besides, if she’s telling the truth she deserves way more than the dollar I gave her and if she’s not, her creativity and acting ability are worth at least a dollar.  Besides she told me I was so pretty I ought to be in California.  If that’s not worth a dollar, I don’t know what is.  Anyway, I arrived in NYC just in time to belly up to the bar at Gramercy Tavern for lunch.  I've done the fancy prix fixe dinners there and meals in the more casual tavern.  While I love both, I do so enjoy wiling away a casual afternoon with an abundance of food and wine.

Duck liver mousse

Smoked kielbasa, spaetzle and ramps

Giant meatball oozing with melted fontina in a potato puree

Special of the day: burger with potato bacon salad

Gorgeous flowers in the bathroom of all places
After an overly indulgent and boozy lunch, we headed uptown to Barney's and Bergdorf's where my shopaholic tendency reared its ugly head.  You'll see the fruits of those labors later in this post and in others to come.

Egg sandwich a la brother in law
Breakfast Saturday morning consisted of the best egg sandwich anywhere in NYC which happens to be made at the hands of my super talented brother in law.  If this isn't art on a plate, I just don't know what is.
Bloody bull
My sister and I were going to a matinee of Rock of Ages and having been witness to one too many family Ipod jam sessions, my brother in law got us all liquored up with some bloody bulls.  This McClures bloody mary mix contains pickle juice which in my world is sheer genius.  I used to love dirty martinis and have often wondered why I can't find a similar drink but with pickle juice in lieu of olive brine.

It was a dreary and rainy day so after the show my sister and I indulged in a car service to cart us around for a few hours of shopping before heading out to dinner.  I had done my damage the previous day but she picked up a new old school logo Gucci bag and then off we went for snacks and drinks before dinner.  We ended up at Tolani Wine Bar where lo and behold I had a cucumber/pickle martini.  Fate, kismet, bechert, meant to be.  It was super delicious.  Then off to dinner at Atlantic Grill and before I knew it my weekend was over.

After arriving home today, I met up with Elisha for Easter dinner at Hamersley's, my kitchen away from home.

Vera Wang jacket, Zara top, RED Valentino pants, Chanel bag, Sequin Palm Beach necklace, MAC lady danger lips
For my Easter night out I wore a Vera Wang Lavender Label jacket that's been in hiding in my closet for some time.  I bought it a few years ago at Filene's Basement and it was one of my few but lucky bargain finds.

Nicholas Kirkwood shoes
And meet my new beauties; Nicholas Kirkwood shoes purchased at Barneys.  Love, love, love.

I hope you all had a fabulous Easter weekend!


  1. I am a vegetarian, but your photos are so good, they make me feel hungry, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    You look fantastic in tha shade of lemos. Loving your killer shoes.

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter weekend! I'm headed to New York on Saturday, and your post just got me even more excited. Love the new shoes. Can't wait to see what else you got!

  3. Thanks! I hope you have a fabulous trip to NYC. It's such a fun place to go and I'm thankful for my regular visits there.

  4. Good food, nice drinks, bright colours, Kirk shoes and a Chanel bag...Sounds divine!

    Le Choix Trois

  5. Food looks great, and I want to steal those Kirkwood's off your feet :)

  6. The food was to die for and the Kirkwoods are certainly steal-worthy!

  7. Drinking, eating shopping sounds like me kinda NY weekend. Sad to have just missed you around the Barneys area, you already know I love the shoes but I'll say it again anyway :-)