27 April 2011

Conspicuous Consumption

I sometimes love a classic and understated bag, shoe, belt.  But I really love a slap you in the face logo like the eponymous LV canvas, the beloved double C on a bag or a big capital H on a belt.

Banana Republic shirt, INC skirt, J Crew shoes, Moschino belt
In comes my Moschino belt which I wore last weekend in NYC.  Upon seeing me wearing it, my sister joked "who makes the belt?".   Isn't she funny and clever?? 

Zara jacket, Miu Miu bag, Elisha Daniels necklace
Today finally ended up being the day I had been waiting for as it got warm and sunny.  This hydrangea printed skirt is ages old but I love the bright colors of the print and flowers make me happy.  I could have played down the print with something more neutral on top but if you are familiar with my wardrobe sensibilities you know that's just not my style.

And just because it was so gorgeous out and spring is in bloom, here are a couple of pics from my 'hood.

Happy spring!


  1. How wonderful how the flowers have jumped from the bushes and trees to your fantastic skirt, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh you look so beautiful.

  2. Lovely seeing you last night! As always the outfit was in full bloom. Gorgeous!

  3. I recognize that outfit! Great catching up with you. You have so much style Lissy!

  4. Great catching up with you too! Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!!

  5. Girls just wanna have..style!April 30, 2011 at 4:59:00 PM EDT

    Lovely outfit!
    check out my blog :)



  6. I think we have a psychic link because I posted a dress and some of the flowers in my back yard this weekend as well haha! You look good in florals! Will the belt be making a return trip to NY with you as I'd like to try out some of these bold statements please...


  7. I'm certain I can work the belt into my next NYC jaunt!