20 April 2011

Neon Orange and Stripes

Zara shirt and jacket, Banana Republic pants, Miu Miu bag
Yesterday felt like Wednesday which sucked since it was only Tuesday.  It's been a long work week already but I brightened up my day with MAC neon orange on the lips and a bright orange jacket from Zara.

I doubled down on the Chanel necklaces and added this maltese cross that I got years and years ago on a trip to Rome.  Strands of baubles always brighten my day.  That, and the fact that Friday is a holiday.  Yippee!!


  1. Your jewellery pieces make a classy outfit to stand out so well.

  2. I love all your use of color! Just found your blog, and had a great time looking through all your outfits.

  3. I'm so cross with myself that I didn't organise to meet you in NYC this weekend. I need your shopping tips for the Big Apple! I think you carry orange off really well, I think it's a tricky colour to get right, but it suits you. I like the pairing of the stripes with colour too. Happy Easter weekend!


  4. Happy Easter weekend to you too!!! - hope to see you MAy 14 and whenever you come visit Boston!!!