18 April 2011

Saturday Night and Sushi

The priority for choosing where to go this past Saturday night was to avoid the massive marathon crowds.  That meant staying away from the super touristy parts of Boston (no Newbury Street) and fuel for carbo loading (no North End).   Sushi at Oishii in the South End was the perfect answer to our riddle of where to go.  It's super delicious sushi and it's off the beaten path.

TopShop jacket and skirt, J Crew sandals

In contrast to my bright wardrobe of late, I stayed with neutrals and wore a Top Shop white tuxedo jacket and grey leather skirt.

YSL clutch, ring from Cadillac's Castle, watch and necklace from Elisha Daniels

I did add a bit of color with a YSL turquoise clutch.

Sara Campbell coat
Yest again, the cold and rain required that I wear a coat.  Will it ever end?


  1. I went to Oishii for New Year's Eve dinner 2 years ago and it was wonderful. Your posted reminded me how much I need to go back there! (Love the white blazer)

  2. I've been looking for a good Sushi place in Boston. Will have to check out Oishii!

    Yeah, Newbury Street was crazy yesterday. I'll probably venture over that way to watch some of the marathon (if I can make it through the crowds).

    Love the coat and the clutch!

  3. Thanks! Oishii is really delicious though on the expensive side. My regular sushi spot is Douzo for being a bit more reasonably prices and my total splurge sushi spot is O-Ya.

    I work in the Hancock Tower so I think I'll watch the marathon up here, safe from the crowds! Enjoy!!

  4. FAB!!!!, you look gorgeous. I love all the pieces and the way they come together especially the Jacket and clutch

  5. How have I not seen this fabulous YSL clutch before now? The color is so perfect for Spring. Oishii is one of my top sushi spots in Boston (close second to O ya). I haven't been there in months, definitely time for a visit soon.

  6. Thank you so much for the sweet comments!!