05 April 2011

Red and Tan

It was back to work today after a long weekend in Florida.  It's always a tough pill to swallow but it was warm (if rainy) and color makes me happy.

Zara jacket and pants, Kate Spade top, Valentino shoes
Inspired by my "summer" weekend magazine reading, I paired red and tan together with a bright red Zara jacket and tan Zara pants.  I added some whimsy with this little Kate Spade top with scattered hearts.

Necklace from Sequin in Palm Beach

After a lovely outdoor lunch at Nick and Johnnies in Palm Beach we took a quick jaunt to Sequin for some bauble buying.  Believe it or not, this side trip was not even my idea or suggestion.  But who am I to say no?  I ended up with this big gold knotted necklace that I love.


  1. long weekend in florida? super jealous! love the necklace too!


  2. Yes long weekend in Florida. It was quite lovely! I so enjoyed the warm 80+ degree weather for a change!!

  3. awesome shoes!!! and uh I wish I was in Florida right now (minus my cold!)