24 May 2011

We All Love Color

Zara top, Talbots skirt, Pour la Victoire shoes
Have I told you before that when I get dressed each day, I get dressed for myself?  Sometimes I'm lazy, sometimes inertia makes me go with my overall mood.  But sometimes to break out of how I feel about being overworked or how I feel about the dreary weather, I force myself to whip out the bright colors because they just make me happy.  That's what I did this morning with this bright orange Zara top, candy colored striped skirt from Talbots and sky high Pour la Victoire platforms.   This evening, after another long workday instead of going straight home and scrounging up whatever is in my fridge, I took myself out for some sushi.  A woman a couple of seats down from me struck up a conversation about how she loved the bright orange, stripes and bright color in general.  And even though I do this for myself, it really is nice to know that in some small way, it makes someone else happy too.

H&M cape trench, Baleciaga bag, Zara scarf

Chanel and Coach necklaces


  1. I am a newcomer to your blog and love it! If I may ask, what color is your Bal bag? I have a 2008 GGH Sahara City, but I think your bag looks more beige? Thanks!

  2. Hi there, thanks for visiting! I just bought the Balenciaga bag in the last month or so at Barney's. It's kind of an off white (I think they call it praline) with rose gold hardware.

  3. I totally agree with your idea! Sometimes after so many days of constant rain and grey days...one need some color and excitement in their lives! I love the color orange on you especially since it's this seasons color. I like your jacket and bag so much! 
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  4. I am really loving that warm orange color, especially draped with those pretty necklaces. Are those peonies on your desk??

  5. Thanks!! Yes peonies, one of my favorite flowers!!