04 May 2011

The Anti-Me

The last Bloggers Do It Better challenge wasn't so much of a challenge for me.  Colorblocking?  I can do that in my sleep and in fact I do when I dream of all the fun things I can do with my wardrobe.  But this white out go around was really a challenge for me.

Burberry trench, Balenciaga bag, Chanel flats

Zara top and blazer, Seven jeans, Elisha Daniels necklace, Hermes belt
I didn't go all stark white but rather shades of white and neutral.  I wore a beige and white polka dot top from Zara, an old Zara seersucker blazer, white jeans and beige Chanel flats.  It's rainy today so I topped it with the trusty Burberry ruffle hem trench and my new Balenciaga bag.  Et voila, my version of white out!  How did I do??


  1. Serious bag envy. I would love to take a stroll in your closet one day madame.

  2. love how you even worse neutral lipstick! way to take it seriously!


  3. I almost posted about the lipstick but didn't! I can't believe you noticed!! It's way off base for me but it's MAC's gaga viva glam.

  4. Sadly there is no strolling in my closets but rather digging around to find things :) I could really use an extra bedroom just to store all the nonsense!

  5. Cute Trench Coat and bag!!!


  6. I love how you mixed all white with a neutral palette - everything looks fresh and chic. Great job! Followed your lovely blog - so good to see a Bostonian (just moved away from there...sad)

  7. Thanks for your comment! Your blog is lovely as well. Boston is a great city, I would be sad to leave too!

  8. I always have so much love for neutral colors! Love the polka dot prints adds some fun to the outfit, the Balenciaga is amazing!

  9. That bag. Gimme it now lady :-) I found this white out challenge sooo easy, although I didn't take part in colourblocking, I was too late for that - but I like you in this! Definitely a change from your usual colour. How did you feel?


  10. Darling even without a splash of colour you look lovely!



  11. StillblondeafteralltheseyearsMay 9, 2011 at 9:52:00 PM EDT

    I like everything but the trench. The second outfit is DIVINE. You know who to rock clothing (your color blocking was perfect too!)

    Would love it, if you would stop by and see how a 45+ year
    old handles “White Out”—you might get a good chuckle anyway! See you there! http://stillblondeafteralltheseyears.com/2011/05/white-out-change-it-up-outfits-modeled-by-women-over-45/

    The Chief Blonde