15 May 2011

Stripes and Dots and Wings

Sinclair top, Reiss blazer, Ann Taylor skirt, Valentino shoes, Balenciaga bag

Sorry for my absence for a few days, blogger was down towards the end of the week last week which caused all sorts of ruckus.  Things thankfully are back to normal.  I was heading to NYC for the weekend after work on Friday so I wanted to wear something that would be fun for a night out once I got there.  I had decided on this knife pleated, polka dotted skirt from Ann Taylor.  My first instinct was to add a splash of bright color on top but instead decided to mix it up with another pattern that complemented the dots.  In this case, I chose a top with subtle stripes but also played with texture with the pleats and ruffles.

Banana Republic necklace, Love Moschino belt, Elisha Daniels bracelet

I got my splash of color with a red Love Moschino belt and felt like I was going to fly away with the exaggerated ruffle sleeve.


  1. I adore the mix of the prints and the different sized dots on the skirt. you look like you are about to go have a serious good time...

  2.  Such a cute look! I like it with the jacket, all business, but as soon as the jacket is shed, it's a party. Fab!

  3.  LOVE the Reiss jacket!! I'm a big fan of these kind of sleeves too.  Power and femininity, all rolled into one :-)www.styleonthecouch.wordpress.comwww.twitter.com/styleonthecouch

  4. I knew you would like the Reiss jacket!