15 May 2011

Sky Blue

Catherine Malandrino top, Zara trousers
You probably know by now that one of the highlights of my day is getting dressed.  I get loads of satisfaction and joy from my daily ritual of throwing my getups together.  But I must admit that the last couple of days, I've been uninspired due mainly to my not sleeping well coupled with working like a dog.

Elisha Daniels and Nava Glazer necklaces, Valentino shoes
Today was the first day this week that I woke up feeling refreshed so I was thrilled to wear something fun which consisted of this sky blue Catherine Malandrino top with Zara trousers and my favorite studded Valentino shoes.  By the way my lovely co-worker, who I think is amused by the daily fashion show, called my shoes the "dog collar shoes".

H&M coat, Balenciaga bag, Elisha Daniels scarf


  1. I'm really full of envy for your beautiful Valentino studded shoes. Hope to buy a similar platform pair, the brand made them also as sandals with plateau

  2. I feel the same way about getting dressed. It's so much fun to put things together. I haven't been inspired lately because of the non-spring like weather we've been experiencing here in the Boston area. I so much want to break out my warm weather clothes but just haven't felt like it. Typical New England I guess. Have a good day.

  3. That blue top really loves you. Fantastic with camel.


  4. I also love your outfits because they're brightly colored, fun, and exciting. I LOVE the blue dotted scarf. I'm a huge fan of scarves and the oversize spots are calling my name.

  5. Dog collar shoes??? Love. And they look amazing.