11 September 2010

My fabulous friend and style influence

I must start this by telling you about one of my best friends. Her name is Elisha and she is an inspiration in more ways than I can describe. Her most important attribute is that she is one of the most loyal and generous friends I have ever known. There is nothing that she wouldn't do for her friends. But since we're talking fashion and style here, I must also say that she has the most exceptional and individual point of view when it comes to style.

I believe it was Coco Chanel who said "fashion fades, only style remains the same". And when she said this, I think she must have been thinking of someone like Elisha. Elisha follows fashion but more importantly, she remains loyal to her own sense of style. She doesn't fall for the latest fad or the big hip and happening thing of the moment. And I admit to joyfully succumbing to whatever the trend of the moment is but Elisha always remains true to her own fashion self.

So, you say, why is this important information for me? Well, Elisha has the most fabulous accessory shop. You can find here here.

Here's a sampling of what she has at the moment.

Cool belts galore
Fall watches
Funky bracelets
Chunky necklaces

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