11 September 2010

An insomniac's inspiration

Those who know me well know that sleeping is not my strong suit.  I love to sleep and I truly wish I could sleep through the night, but it just doesn't happen for me on any consistent basis.  Having said that, I often do my best creative work when I should be fast asleep.  My boss often tells me that she thinks she should send me home for a nap when she wants me to solve a problem joking that I do my best work at night.

Anyway, sometimes my sleepless nights lead to thoughts about what I want to buy, wear, reinvent from the archives of my closet.  Last night, with the fall-ish weather upon us, I thought of what I might like to start wearing.  Here's what I ended up with for tonight's night out.
Essie "sew psyched" nail polish (new) and Chanel ring from my archives
Necklace purchased at Elisha's store
J brand wax denim jeans (new) and Top Shop shoes from my archives
Zara jacket from the archives
Freshly coiffed hair from Jean Pierre and Co.

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