12 September 2010

A man in my apartment

I had a man in my apartment today.  His name is William.  And he is scruffy and manly and was adorned in all kinds of gear.  Actually, he is a self-proclaimed curtain fluffer and art installer and he was in my apartment to hang my new prints.  I just thought entitling this post would be more fun this way.

As I had previously posted here I bought these Molly Dee prints that I just adore.  They finally came back from the frame shop and I was anxious to have them hung.  William the art installer extraordinaire kindly got the job done today with all the gear that this girl in Boston just doesn't have.  William came equipped with a ladder, tool belt and not one but TWO electric drills. 

First we moved this print that used to hang over my sofa to this spot above my dining table.

Here we hung the new Molly Dee "Celebrating Ten" print above the sofa.

And finally we hung Molly Dee's "Nantucket Summer" above my bed.

Chez Lissy will now be a constant reminder of summers in Nantucket at my favorite little hotel with the best girlfriends anyone could ask for.

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