13 June 2010

Market by Jean Georges

Back in the fall when Market had just opened, I went with a group of friends. We had a reservation for which we were seated over an hour late. But the restaurant took care of us and gave us a bottle of wine while we waited. Throughout the meal, they went out of their way to compensate for their missteps (free apps, free dessert plus more wine). So despite a very heavy hand with the salt, we had a great time but vowed to let the restaurant get over its growing pains before we went back.

Some of us had been back since and they seemed to have solved the salt problem so I went again last night with the same group from our first visit. Despite the fact that the place was hopping, we were seated on time though they squeezed us in a bit tight. That was easily fixed with another chair on the end of the table. But imagine our disappointment when the food was way oversalted yet again. I must put this into perspective; I love salt. I use it liberally when I cook but this was over the top. I won't even go into the details of what we had. Suffice it to say that everything was oversalted. At this point, I just won't go back.

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