01 July 2010

My newest baubles

On a recent trip to NYC I happened upon East 9th street between 1st and 2nd.  The destination was a lunch place for Japanese noodles but the cabbie dropped us a block away from where we meant to go.  So on the jaunt to lunch I spied several fabulous vintage/consignment shops.  My favorite of which was Cadillac's Castle.  It's got a mix of new/overstock and used/consignment and the stuff is organized and labelled in such a way that you don't have to pick through a bunch of stuff.  I bought three fabulous rings there.  The first of which is a fun pewter metal chain ring for ~$15.

 The next rings are two really fun lucite rings; one is clear with a silver undertone and the other is a purplish color with gold.

One of the other fabulous spots for fun jewels is Spring Street in Soho.  I was on the hunt for another leather bracelet with rhinestones and/or studs.  I  bought one months ago for $20 but now all the street vendors have hiked the prices up to closer to $40-45 which I refused to pay.  But I found this lovely woman on West Broadway just south of Spring who sold me both of these fabulous bracelets for $40 total.  And since I'm a firm believer in pile it on, I like to wear them both together!

That's it for my latest jewelry shopping expedition.

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